Types of Betta Splendens

Betta fish (Betta sp) is fish from areas of Asia, their natural habitat are found in some Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. This species of fish that live in fresh water has an aggressive nature, especially in defending its territory. In Asia, Betta fish is usually divided into three groups: the group of ornamental fish, fighting fish and wild fish.

In this post I will try to explain some types of ornamental betta fish based on its tail. According to wikipedia, this ornamental betta fish has some types that categorized based on the tail of the fish, namely:

betta fish halfmoon

- Halfmoon, the fin and the tail of this betta fish type is symmetrical and wide, so that it can form a Halfmoon. This type was first cultivated in 1982 in the United States.

picture from indonesian betta's

betta fish crown tail

- Crown tail, this betta fish type has a tail that is like a comb or the tip of the crown, and the end of its tail  can be forked of one, two or even three.

picture from indonesian betta's

betta fish double tail

- Double tail, betta fish types that has a forked tail, so as to have a double tail.

picture from indonesian betta's

betta fish plakat halfmoon

- Plakat Halfmoon, this type of betta fish is similar to the type of Halfmoon but the tail and fins are not as wide as the first type I mentioned (Halfmoon).

 picture from indonesian betta's